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History Of Solar

Solar energy is actually nothing new. People have used solar power as far back in history as the 7th century B.C. In its most primitive state, energy from the sun has been revered and put to use almost as long as man has walked the earth. The earliest uses of solar power included focusing the sun’s energy through a magnifying glass to start fires for cooking. 

Why Solar?

The rise in pollution levels and the rapid depletion of non-renewable fuel resources requires urgent attention to fulfill increasing energy demands. Backed by a skilled team and under experienced leadership, we are paving the way in providing clean energy solutions that are feasible, cost-effective and innovative.

Swaroop Solar  is India’s largest online rooftop solar company with operations in multiple states in India. The company provides most advanced technology and highest quality solar services.  All the Sawroop solar rooftop systems come with a years solar service promise package. 

Who We Are?

Swaroop Enterprises was born with a dream of the entire nation running on clean energy. Thus, we envisioned building solar and clean energy assets around the country, in line with global standards. Swaroop Enterprises established as a Proprietor Company in the year 2013 at Kota (Rajasthan India) , We “ Swaroop Enterprises “ are a renowned Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Trader and Retailer of premium quality range of ROOFTOP SOLAR Projects, Solar power Plants, Solar EPC Systems, Solar I&C (Installation & Commission), Solar Water Heating Systems,Solar Panel,Solar Home Lighting Systems. We provide these products at reasonable prices and deliver these within the assured time-frame.

Our Strength

  • Technical Competence
  • Efficient Project Managements
  • Multi-Location Representation
  • Stricton Completion Schedules
  • Quality & Safety
  • Competitive
  • Commitment to customer satisfactiom


SOLAR for every home, building and rooftop.
SOLAR for every city and village
SWAROOP SOLAR will be the deepest penetrated housing and building solutions provider to deliver Strength, Speed and Safety to its customers in all target markets.

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